Hi, I'm Sujude.
Based in San Francisco, CA.  Born and raised in Akron, OH. Proud Palestinian-American. 
I am passionate about health, energy, education, and the power of early-stage investing. I am currently an analyst at K50 Ventures and in an operational role at B2B startup accelerator, Alchemist. As an incoming MS candidate at the Stanford School of Engineering, I am focused on utilizing my education in product design, engineering, and strategy to improve quality of life, especially for those traditionally left behind by the tech sector. 
My past experience spans from physical chemistry and data science to product and experience design. I would love to talk more about any previous project tagged below, so please do not hesitate to reach out! ​​​​​​​
In my free time, I miss shots on a tennis court, watch comedy specials, and document my family pets antagonizing each other (check contact page for pictures).