ROLE: Design Consultant
MISSION: The future of perfumery is the perfumer. Ministry of Scent is an innovative brand that refocuses the perfume experience on the maker.​​​​​​​ 
Campaigns- Sustainability, Endangered Materials
By partnering with the Red List Project, we have made it a goal to showcase their work on protecting endangered plants. This new fragrance line will ban any of these ingredients in their making. Additionally, we are committed to only sourcing sustainable packaging and environment-friendly partners moving forward.

Marketing- advertisement development, social media branding. 
Perfume is seen as feminine and delicate. A big goal of ours was to attract men ages 21-35 that may have been brand-dedicated at a young age, sold on "manliness". We decided to go industrial with black and gold embellishment. Our website displays our branding guide as well as our socials

Event Analytics- Creating new lines of revenue through technology and design-focused events
We created "design activations" for companies such as Hopelab and IDEO, focused on the art of creation and including expert analysis on top, bottom, and base notes. To cater to the trend in large tech companies for off-site employee engagement, I started a team-building event series. I have a real-time event tracker to analyze feedback after every event as well as follow-ups. 

First release is still to come! We are still expanding and relying on personal fragrance making and corporate events for funding. 
Check out our website and receive updates! 
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