ROLE: Strategy Intern

Oregon Reminders​​​​​​​: This initiative is a state-funded messaging platform addressing the HIV epidemic.  I performed market research on PreP and was the creative lead on SMS interventions. I learned about the intricacies of information awareness for a contentious topic in the current polarized political landscape as well as clever last-mile implementation measures within queer male communities to ensure human-in-the-loop technology.
ENGAGE: Conducted user research for community technology engagement projects in Malawi’s government female empowerment initiative to reduce childhood marriage.  In the rural areas we targeted for user feedback, child marriage rates averaged around 44%. We were active on maintaining a line of communication with on-the-ground family planning services to ensure our positive psychology and emotional learning curricula would be effective in their communities.
They2ze: Planned and participated in user testing for large-scale implementation for  a transgender health app. 
ROLE: Committee Member
After interning with YTH (Youth Tech Health),  I was selected to be on their program committee for YTH Live 2019, their premier conference to discuss innovations in the tech space relating to youth health. ​​​​​​​
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